Far From Earth

Chronicles From Zeta Reticuli


This is a list of interesting articles I found somehow/somewhere in the net ( don’t ask, the wood is my house ;) ). I collected them here just to maintain a memory of something I think valuable to be shared and to be easily recalled when needed. In each page there is a copy (sort of) of the original link, anyway at the beginning of each article is linked the original one (that is always the correct source). The only modification I introduced are, sometimes and if necessary, the layout of the page and the exclusion of ads.

Whenever is possible I ask the source to approve making the copy stored here, if for any reason the author of the source and/or the holder of article’s rights want to do not copy the article but just (or even not) link it, should be sufficient an e-mail sent to icystark(at)gmail(dot)com with as subject the relevant article and explaining the motivations. As soon as possible (which means from 24h to 30 days depending on my availability) I would temporarily eliminate the article from here, and after a verification of the sources I eventually make permanent or not the modification.

Last Update: 25/06/2010

News in the Age of Now

Job Versus Vocation

Deconstructing inflation talk

Dov’è la gente?

Il discorso di Sankara sulla crisi

Quel che pensiamo del caso Luttazzi

Il futuro degli USA: le 14 idee e tre quarti dell’anno

Innovator’s Paradox


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