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Yes i could, but it’s not my way :P

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This sucks!!! The same thought keeps riding too much in those days, probably I picked the wrong choice, and lost something in that. Or at least I am convinced so, which is almost the same thing. Maybe it’s just me, perhaps I never learned to cope with this kind of errors, at least in time with them.

It is like a stormy sea, it’s dark and waves are coming and going, but I can’t see them arriving. Yes of course, every storm have to end, question is if in that very moment I will be there in the middle or I will get to escape. Lucky me 16km are waiting right now (in 5 minutes) to be ran straight on, giving me an hour an so of freedom, and then an hour of gym and the day will be over. The day and me :D

But it is right so, then … next stop 2013?

The day after post scriptum: I see it now, almost literally :D I just couldn’t fit in any way and any time. That’s why my story should begin with a “once upon a time”, and I learned to ride a horse this year, so it comes pretty straight. But truth is reality usually is quite damn far from fairy tales, even if nobody cares, and Achille’s mp3 taught it.


Author: Greg Icy Stark

Who am I ? Nothing but the shadow in your eyes, an unknown feeling, a chilly autumn wind.

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